Food – Wings of Glory

253 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne Vic 3205

It’s fair to say the Melbourne has something of a love affair with American food, be it burgers, tex mex or traditional southern BBQ. Inspired by a trip to the States, Steven Lo and Jennifer Vo decided it was time to add great quality American buffalo wings to that list and from this Wings of Glory was born. Located on busy Clarendon Street in South Melbourne, this relaxed eatery focuses on two things – wings and beer. Offering original wings, boneless wings and chicken wraps in a variety of seasons and marinades, plus a few delicious dipping sauces on the side.

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Food – No.19

214 Union Road
Ascot Vale Vic 3032

Judging by the number of people brunching, plus those waiting for a table, I’d say the locals in Ascot Vale have welcomed No.19 to the neighbourhood with open arms. Brought to us by the team behind very successful Essendon eatery St Rose (read about it here) this beautiful cafe sits on Union Road, an area with much potential to grow into a real foodie hub equivalent to those seen in the inner eastern suburbs. Did I mention that it’s beautiful? The white space is quite minimal, but high end textures give it a rather luxurious feel. Fit out with marble counters, royal blue velvet bench seats and gold fittings, this space is completely different to everything else in the area adding to its appeal. Continue reading

Food – Queen of the South

201 High Street
Prahran Vic 3181

If I’m being really honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve had good Mexican food. I’m impartial to the odd fajita or taco but unfortunately I’ve always found it to be a bit hit or miss. Queen of the South however has reignited my love affair with Mexican. Recently opening its doors to dinners in Prahran, yes it’s Mexican, but not in the traditional sense. There isn’t an enchilada or burrito in sight. Instead you’ll find an array of modern flavour packed dishes, that cleverly combine traditional ingredients to create food that challenges our long-held views of what Mexican is. Continue reading

Drink – Whitehart

22 Whitehart Lane
Melbourne Vic 3001


Located down the end of an alleyway that bares the same name, Whitehart is the newest bar to open it’s doors, or shall I say gates, to Melbournians. Like so many other places in town, from street level it doesn’t look like much more than a few large shipping containers in a fenced yard. But within said containers is really a cool, multi level bar serving up craft beer and cocktails on tap. Despite sitting just meters from busy Elizabeth and Little Bourke Streets, it’s hidden behind a number of large buildings which shelter it from the surrounding chaos and almost provide the illusion that you’re well away from the CBD. Continue reading

Food – Dutchess

146 Flinders Street
Melbourne Vic 3001


Last week my ladies and I had a date with the Dutchess and what a fine lady she is. Located above the popular Duke of Wellington Hotel, she is beautiful and classy but not in the English high society sense, more in a suave New Yorker kind of way. With the lighting dimmer set low, just shy of being turned off, sit in a cosy semi-circle leather booth and enjoy the DJ playing popular tunes in the background. With a great view of both Russel and Flinders Streets, it oozes style and upper classes refinement making it the perfect spot for a special night out (hint hint gentlemen, your ladies will be very impressed with this place). Continue reading

Food – Small Axe Kitchen

281 Victoria Street
Brunswick Vic 3056


When visiting Small Axe Kitchen, most people recommend ordering the breakfast pasta, so naturally my mind was set before I even arrived at the Sicilian influenced cafe. However, upon reviewing their menu it became apparent that they have a good selection of appetising dishes that appealed to me just as much, if not more than the pasta. Growing up in a traditional Sicilian family, eggplant was a staple in our household and as such, I’m a sucker for the purple veg. So there was no questioning it, I had to have the eggplant salad with almond hommus, chickpeas, pickled raisins, baked ricotta and pomegranate. Continue reading

Food – Rose Milk Food Store

32 Albion Street
Essendon Vic 3040


A lucky strike of fate had us walking up Albion Street right on midday when we caught sight of Rose Milk Food Store. In we walked to this newly opened cafe with the plan to grab a coffee and run, but one glimpse of their menu had us pulling up a seat in their intimate dining area. Full of natural light, the minimalist space is all white with the only hint of colour coming from a striking Rose Milk neon light on the back wall. With the kids in tow, we were travelling with two large strollers and despite taking up a bit of space, our lovely hosts were very accommodating, moving a few things around to get us in and seated. Continue reading