Foodie Corner – Don’t Tell Charles, Candied Bakery, Twenty and Six

Prior to my sons birth my husband and I regularly hit up some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, however since his birth it’s become difficult to get out as often as we used to. Once a foodie, always a foodie, so although I can’t enjoy a great dinner as regularly as I used to, I’ve become a huge fan of the brunch/lunch scene and any kind of eatery where I can bring along my son. I tend to go out for lunch a couple of times a week and I love to try different places each time, so at the end of every week i’ll let you know about the great places I visited in my foodie corner.

I love finding new places to eat, so if you have any suggestions for places I should try I’d love to hear about them.

Don’t Tell Charles
Vue Apartment Building
70 Speakmen Street Kensington, VIC 3031

Hidden away on the ground floor of the Vue Apartment Building is this little gem. Don’t tell Charles specialises in desserts, but also offers a light lunch for those who don’t want something sweet. I met a friend here for morning tea and I have to admit, when it came time for me to order, I stood in front of the dessert cabinet and really had no idea what to get, I literally wanted to try everything. In the end I settled on the Raspberry and Brownie Cheesecake and it didn’t disappoint. It was a little chocolate pot filled with raspberry cheesecake and them midway through the cheesecake I hit gold in the form of chocolate brownie pieces. I loved it so much  that on my way out I went to buy one more for the road and was devastated when they told me they had sold out for the day.

I will definitely come back here and next time I want to try and get in for one of their iconic high tea’s. This is one of my top 5 dessert spots in Melbourne.


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Best of this seasons skirts

I went shopping today and was super excited to see some of the skirts out for this spring and summer. These are my top picks.

Top row from the left: Cameo, Camilla and Marc, Nicholas
Middle row from the left: Elle Zietoune, Talulah, Nicholas

Bottom row from the left: White Suede, Mossman, Josh Goot

Click on the links for more detail.

I brought the navy Mossman skirt in the bottom row today and I’ve teamed it up with an Elle Zietoune crop, so now I just need an excuse to wear it. I’m loving that the midi skirt is in this season, it just adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Happy Shopping xx

Where have all the women gone?

I knew there was a problem with the corporate world when I attended a tax update a couple of years back and there was a disproportionate number of women in attendance. Not only was the mix of attendees 75% male and 25% female, there seemed to be a huge age gap in the women in attendance, quite literally all the women were either under 30 or over 50. So it made me question, what happened to all the women in between?

Most data released indicates that there is actually a higher number of women than men graduating from university with business, accounting and law degrees. Further to this, there is always strong female representation during graduate intake at large professional service firms. However the stats also indicate that there is a decline in the number of females over 30 and in senior roles – directors and partners, at these same firms. So where do all of these female graduates go?

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How I Got Here

Ok, so I’m very very new to the blogging world, I literally only read a blog for the first time earlier this year. After reading a number of great blogs, I decided to give it a crack because I love the idea of sharing my experiences with others. This is pretty much life according to me, Vita.

Earlier this year, my life changed forever following the birth of my first child. Before he was born I knew things would never be the same, or atleast I assumed that much, but I could never really know just how profoundly my life would change for the better. Having said that, this isn’t by any means just a mummy blog. I’m not going to lie, I’ll share stories about my motherhood journey so far, but that is only one part of what I want to share. Naturally since having my son, I feel like the way I view myself and my life has changed, but not to the extent that I thought it would. To be honest it just helped to put things in perspective, I stress about so many things that really don’t matter, so now I try to focus on the important things and not let unimportant things get to me.
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