To buy or not to buy that designer investment piece

To buy or not to buy that investment piece? I know this is a dilemma that many women battle with if and when they decide to purchase their first investment piece. Now when I say investment piece I’m referring to that stunning high end designer piece that it worth a small fortune, but if kept in good condition will retain it’s value into the future and in some cases actually increase in value.

Having said that most of us don’t purchase an investment piece for it’s future value, we purchase it for it’s value right now, the value in how it makes us feel. My husband doesn’t get it, but when I put on my Christian Louboutin heels I instantly feel great. I have an added confidence to take on what ever I’m about to do and I have a real sense of accomplishment. So whether it’s a handbag, a pair of shoes, a bangle or a scarf, we make these purchases for the love of fashion and for the love of how they make us feel.

Before I made my first purchase I toyed with the idea for ages. I had my eye on a Gucci Boston bag in navy and red for longer than I can remember, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on just a handbag. However, after having a massive and stressful year at work, I decided to treat myself. I mean why not? I work hard, I should be allowed to spend some of my hard earned cash on something I really wanted. This is what I told myself over and over, almost trying to talk myself into buying it. Then one morning I just woke up and drove to the Gucci store in Collins Street, Melbourne. I walked into the store, straight to the counter and asked for that bag. As soon as they showed it to me, I knew I had to have it, so out came the credit card and 5 minutes later I was walking back to my car with my new purchase in tow.

I have to admit, I felt sick on that walk back to my car, I kept on questioning if I did the right thing by buying it. That money could have been used for so many other important things – car insurance, rego, a holiday ect. The whole drive home, I questioned my purchase and continued to do so, until a week later when I finally put it to use, that moment I walked out of the house with my new handbag I knew I had made the right decision.

Still to this day, I love using that bag and to be honest I got over spending that money pretty quickly. If I’m really honest, that purchase started a designer addiction. A friend had told me that once you start you can’t stop and I believe it! I have since made a couple of other purchases and I want more and more!

I’d love to hear about your first designer purchase and how you made the decision to buy it.

Oh, and I’ll put up a list of my favourite high end investment pieces next week.

One thought on “To buy or not to buy that designer investment piece

  1. Very true Vita it sure is an addiction. As you know my weakness is LV & I struggle to walk through the store without adding a few more items to my wish list. 🙂 Sarah x


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