Must Have Investment Pieces

Thinking about buying that stunning investment piece? These are my favourites, so naturally I want to add them all to my collection but it may take my entire life to do so. A girls gotta have dreams right??

Givenchy Antigonia

Cartier Love Bangle
Chanel Boy
Hermes H Bangle
Christian Louboutin Pigalle
Alexander McQueen Scull Scarf
Kenzo Sweater
Celine Mini Luggage
Louis Vuitton Vivienne
Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Clutch

No doubt there will be other items that you may feel I should have included above (A Dior Lady or anything Prada?), but chances are they’re not quite my style. I’m fortunate to own a couple of the items above and I can’t wait to get the others in my wardrobe!

Pictures have been sourced from Google Images and Pinterest.

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