Foodie Corner – North Queensland Special

Seeing as I’ve spent the last couple of weeks soaking up the sun in Far North Queensland (jealous much?), I thought I’d share some of our dinning experiences for anyone living in the area or anyone looking to head up this way.

Salsa Bar and Grill
26 Wharf Street
Port Douglas QLD 4877

For the past 8 years my husband and I have holidaying in Port Douglas and the only constant in all of those trips is a dinner or two at Salsa. Seriously this place offers a dinning experience matched by some of the best restaurants in our capital cities. In eight years I’m yet to have a bad meal (i’m not trying to jinx them!), and I don’t ever think that I will.

This trip was a little bit different because we had bubs with us, so we opted for a quick early dinner (we couldn’t risk having too many courses just in case he cracked it and destroyed the dinning experience for everyone else there). So straight to main meals we went, I had the black angus eye filet (black angus eye filet, wagyu croquette, potato gateau, caramelized onion soubise) and as expected it was delicious. Tender, full of flavour and cooked to perfection, a great steak!

Bubs was holding up well, so we quickly went on to dessert, and you guessed it, it was worth every delicious calorie. We decided to share the bombe (gianduja hazelnut bombe, coconut gel, cherry ragout, fairy floss), and by share I mean the husband had one spoonful and I had the rest. The bombe was set beautifully and coated in what tasted like choc chips, nuts and little nuggets of toffee. Combined with the coconut and fairy floss it was just about the perfect dessert.

I can’t wait to go back to Port Douglas, just to eat there again, except next time I might organise a babysitter.


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The Womens Business Network

Is it just me, or are women’s business networks popping up everywhere? I feel like everyone I talk to has either joined one, is thinking about joining one or has attended an event. So why is there so much hype and are they really beneficial? In the past I was never really big on networking. I attended a few events but got turned off pretty quickly because of a few not so great experiences. A couple of the events I attended were on such a huge scale, I found that many of the attendees were there in groups and not really interested in mingling outside of those groups. Then at other events, some of the people I came across really put me off – arrogance oozed out of them and I really couldn’t be bothered with it.  Continue reading

Foodie Corner – La Belle Miette, The Grain Store

La Belle Miette
30 Hardware Lane
Melbourne Vic 3000

The premier macaron patisserie in Melbourne is without doubt  La Belle Miette. They have managed to create these beautifully delicate and delicious macarons.

They’re not the biggest macarons you’ll find, but they make up for it in flavour and texture. How you create something with a perfectly crispy shell and soft centre, I don’t know, but they’ve done it. On top of that, they such a great array of flavours. I tend to stick to the classics – Vanilla (AHHHMAAAZING!), Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Hazelnut, but they have a huge selection of frutier flavours and of course a few creative ones like Scone with Jam and Cream, and Cherry Blossom and Sake.

If you’re in the area and in need of a small sweet hit, visit their pretty little store on Hardware Lane.


To Share or Not to Share on Social Media

When my son was born earlier this year, my husband and I made the conscious decision not to announce it on Facebook. Up until that point we hadn’t mentioned anything about my pregnancy on there, so we didn’t suddenly see any reason to start sharing then.

After he was born we sent a text to our close friends and family to let them know our exciting news and to be completely honest we felt that was the perfect way to get our news out to everyone. A day or so went by and I had a couple of people ask me if and when I was going to make an announcement on Facebook, when I told them that I wasn’t going to, I got that ‘OOHHHH’ in response. I was a bit taken back by this, I mean why did I have to announce it on Facebook? I thought it was my choice, how and when I announced the birth of my son, but apparently I didn’t do it the way people now expected.

Foodie Corner – Taste of Melbourne 2014

I love me a food festival, so naturally I get pretty excited when Taste of Melbourne rolls around. This is my round up of this years event.

We hit the festival on day one, firstly because I couldn’t wait to get in there and try some amazing food, and secondly to try and beat the crowds. This year bubs was with us, so I knew it would be harder to make our way around with a stroller. It’s always difficult when the crowd is really big, and lets be honest everyone else hates the lady with a stroller, so this way (hopefully) we didn’t annoy too many people.

We got in there on Thursday, right on opening time and the place was already buzzing. The first thing I noticed as I walked in the gates was the huge Taste sign and the Recorderlig Cider tent, and immediately I knew we were in for an great night (and let me tell you after a few of those pomegranate ciders I was having an AMAZING night).

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New Work Wardrobe – Dresses

Summer is upon us ladies, so it’s time to freshen up your work wardrobe. I’m going back to work in the new year and given I was pregnant last summer, I haven’t brought any new work gear in a couple of years. I’m right in the swing of updating my work wardrobe, so I thought I’d share some of the great pieces I’ve come across.

This week I’m starting with dresses. I’m a huge, huge fan of a dress in summer, they’re such a quick and easy outfit. They often look great with very little effort – my kind of outfit, especially when I’m rushing around at 7am.

Click on the links below for more details.

Karen Millen    |    Scanlan and Theodore

Foodie Corner – Pana Chocolate, Dude Food Man

This week is a bit of a mix between sweet and savoury.

Pana Chocolate
491 Church Street
Richmond Vic 3121

Pana is all the rage at the moment and for good reason! They produce handmade, deliciously rich, raw and organic chocolate blocks. If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate then it may not be for you, but if you are, get into it. My favourite flavours are mints, nut and coconut & goji berry.
With the success of their chocolate blocks, Pana have also opened a shop front in Richmond, where they stock their iconic chocolate, plus a range of delicious raw cakes and sweets. Raw food is huge right now and in my experience it can be a bit hit and miss, but Pana do a great job of it. It can’t really be compared to your standard sweet treats because it’s completely different, but amazing all in its own right.

I must warn you, their sweets are very rich as a result of the raw cacao. I loved the Vespa Wheel, which is their take on a wagon wheel. It’s only bite size, but more than enough to satisfy your sweet cravings. I’m also a big fan of their bounty slice and snickers slice, they’re so different from the original thing, but just amazing.

Definitely worth a try if you’re in the area, if not, get your hands on one of their chocolate blocks.


Pana Chocolate on Urbanspoon

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Heartache of a Miscarriage

I, like many other women have unfortunately experienced the heartache of a miscarriage. It was without doubt one of the hardest, emotional and loneliest experiences of my life. I am sharing my story because at the time all I wanted was to be able to find comfort in those that had also experienced my pain and loss, but sadly I didn’t have anyone. It was only when I started telling friends what had happened that I found out they too had suffered miscarrages, but never told anyone about it. I know it is very very difficult for some people to talk about, but I think it’s so important to share our stories, because at the end of the day, it is incredibly common, something like 25% of women experience a miscarriage, and if it happens to you, you need to know that you’re not alone.

So my first pregnancy started out great, to my surprise  I fell pregnant straight away.  One day I started to feel that pregnancy fatigue and some serious pain in my boobs, I was so excited. I left work early, brought a pregnancy test on the way home, and woop woop I was pregnant.
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