Foodie Corner – Chez Dre

I’ve had an insanely busy week trying to organise my birthday festivities (I couldn’t turn 30 and not celebrate) that’s why I haven’t really given the blog any love this week, but in all the chaos I did manage to get out for lunch one day this week, so here is my round up of the ever popular and reliable Chez Dre.

Chez Dre
Rear of 285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne Vic 3205


Chez Dre is what I’m going to call the premier Patisserie Boulangerie in Melbourne. It really is the ultimate all rounder, it has great breakfast and lunch menu’s, and also offers and amazing array of pastries and cakes.

Accessible from two different laneways off Coventry Street (use the court yard entrance if you are travelling with a stroller, I found that I couldn’t fit mine through the other entrance) you could be excused for thinking that Chez Dre would be a relative small and understated café, however what you will find is quite the opposite. It occupies quite a large and well fit out space, both inside and out, however be warned it fills up quickly at peak times and there can often be a wait time for a table.

The day we visited was quite warm so we opted to sit in the courtyard under one of the large umbrellas which offered plenty of protection from the sun. On this visit we ordered the pulled pork burger (slow braised pork shoulder, BBQ sauce, red cabbage and pickles on a brioche bun) and the chicken salad (corn, quinoa, radish, orange walnuts and beurre noisette vinegarette).

On past visits I’ve ordered the duck sandwich which was amazing, but I thought I’d try something different, so I ordered the pulled pork burger and I wasn’t disappointed. It was delicious! The pork was tasty and tender, just as you’d expect and it was perfectly complemented by the red cabbage and BBQ sauce. I’m often hesitant to try something new when I’m on to a winner, but on this occasion I was glad I took a chance on the pulled pork burger.


My sister on the other hand wasn’t as lucky. She would normally order the Avo Luxe or the brioche French toast (like those above, they’re both fantastic), but this time she ordered the chicken salad and to be honest we were both a bit disappointed with it. Quinoa salads can be a bit hit and miss, and although I really hate saying this because I love Chez Dre, on this occasion, this salad was a miss. To me it was a bit bland, it was just missing something, so unfortunately we won’t be ordering this dish again.


Before we left we picked up a couple of cakes for the road, all were great, but special mention had to go to the lemon and hazelnut tart. All I can say is wow! It was seriously amazing, so much so that I was a bit guttered that I had to share it with my sister.


If you haven’t visited Chez Dre yet, get your butt into gear and make your way to South Melbourne, you won’t regret it (just don’t order the chicken salad).
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