All About Accessories

I have a bit of an accessory addiction, well maybe a huge addiction (meh, same same), but I just love how I can refresh an old outfit by just changing my necklace, earrings, belt or handbag. I load up on new accessories each season and this summer has been no exception. It doesn’t have to be an insanely expensive exercise, I tend to pick up a mix of classic investment pieces and affordable fashion pieces which won’t cost you the world.

Here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment.


AJE                  |                  Elly Lou


SW Clutch


Samantha Wills


Ace of Something         |         Samantha Wills


Marc  Jacobs

Marc By Marc Jacobs



And for those looking to splurge…




Chloe          |          YSL

All of this is making me want to do some serious damage to my credit card, so I’m going to stop now while I’m ahead!

Happy Shopping xx


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