Time to play nice ladies



Lately I feel like all I’m reading about is how difficult it is for women out in the big wide world we live in. How women are criticised and judged much more harshly than men for their looks, how superficially women are depicted in the media, how they are not treated as equals in the work place, how they are either portrayed as helpless or very masculine, how a woman standing her ground is labelled a bitch as opposed to being assertive ect ect, I could go on all day.

I’m so sick of reading about all of this, not because it’s not true, it’s all absolutely true, but because we’ve been talking about the same shit forever and what has really changed? I’ll tell you what, a whole lot of nothing! We just seem to talk about it a lot.

Here’s an idea of how we can actually start changing things – women have to look after and be so much nicer to one another. The problem is that women are the harshest critics of other women. Women are the first ones to put down other women, to criticise instead of celebrate a successful woman, to pick on another womans wardrobe or life choices, to over analyse and put pressure on other women. Women for example are the main people that buy trash magazine and support an industry that makes its money off criticising and shaming female celebrities – it’s all about who got fat, who has cellulite, who wore something hideous, she could be an incredibly intelligent woman but nothing is ever mentioned about that. By buying/ reading that crap we keep the cycle going.

If women helped to empower other women things would start changing. If we celebrated a successful and talented woman as opposed to focusing on her age, wrinkles or cellulite things would change. If we supported a strong assertive women in a senior corporate role as opposed to calling her a nasty bitch, things would change. If we helped out that working mum who is struggling to manage work and kids as opposed to labelling her a slacker and throwing her under the bus first chance we get, things would change.

So as opposed to constantly writing and reading about how hard we have it as women, let’s start by being a bit kinder to each other and maybe just maybe, the cultural shift we so desperately need, might start to happen.

Rant over.

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