Foodie Corner – The Firehouse

The Firehouse
253 Maroondah Hwy
Ringwood Vic 3134


As its name states, you’ll find The Firehouse in a beautifully renovated old firehouse on the insanely busy Maroondah Hwy. As soon as you walk inside, it’s like you’ve walked into another universe, it’s the polar opposite of what’s out on the street – welcoming, quiet and classy.

We’ve visited on a number of occasions and each time has been better than the last. On this visit, we were lucky enough to book the private room in the back of the restaurant and enjoy a great meal away from the quickly growing crowd in the main dining room. Even though we were in the back room, the service was fantastic, it was quick and attentive which added to our experience.

We had a couple of people from out of town dining with us, so we decided to kick off with a few starters and ease into our meals. We picked the charcuterie board (moondarra bresaola, calabrese salami, wild boar cheek & capocollo served w. house pickles & bread), the crunchy chicked (served with dill mayo) and the flash fried calamari (served with paprika, green peppercorns & aoili).

All were amazing! The calamari was simply delicious. It had this beautiful smokey flavour thanks to the paprika and just about melted in my mouth. I was a bit devastated that I had to share it with everyone else, I could have demolished a serve all by myself.

The chicken was also good. It had a super tasty crispy coating and still managed to be nice and juicy in the middle.

Just like the other dishes, the charcuterie board also didn’t disappoint. Each cut of meat was of a really high standard and didn’t leave that insanely salty after taste you often get from salami or capocollo – clearly indicative of their quality.


When it came time to order our mains, I settled on the Cape Grim scotch fillet (300gm served w. potato galette, onion rings & wilted greens) and just like everything else it was really impressive. To put it simply, it was perfectly cooked, tender and down right delicious.


This visit, like all of those before it was just superb, so I’m just about guaranteed to be back.
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