Fashion – The Rise of Man Styling

I have to admit, I’ve gone a little crazy overhauling my wardrobe over the last 6 months. I was heavily pregnant this time last year, so I didn’t really give my wardrobe any love. I usually love going shopping, but at that point in time it would depress me. I’d come across these amazing pieces that I absolutely loved but because of my pregnant state I couldn’t try anything on and I didn’t want to risk buying anything just incase my baby weight decided to hang around for longer than planned. Fast forward five months, baby was born, weight was gone and my wardrobe needed to be filled, so I more than made up for it over spring and summer.

But now autumn is rolling around and it’s come to my attention that I haven’t brought anything other than long cardie’s and stretch pants for the last two winters to accommodate my growing and post baby belly and well, to put it bluntly, I hate it all (warning to the salvo’s, I have a hell of a lot of stock coming your way)! Since I don’t want to go near stretch pants, I feel like I’ve been living in the same 3 pairs of jeans for months – you know, because summer decided to skip Melbourne this year, so I spent all of January in jeans, claps for Mother Nature!

one teaspoon 2
Living in my jeans! Although I do love a pair of One Teaspoon Baggies.

So here I am, a woman ready to do some serious damage to my credit card and what does the fashion world throw at me?? MAN STYLING!!! Yep, that’s right, loose fitting and some what oversized clothes that give you no shape what so ever. Whhhhhhy? Why would you do this to me? There are very few women that can actually pull off this style and I am definitely not one of them. I’m short and busty, so the second you throw something loose and baggy on me, I literally look like my boobs are sitting on top of my hips (not that I’m really hippy, but you get what I mean). I have a pretty small waist, in the vertical sense (as my mum would say, I’m short waisted), so I try to wear clothes that are fitted/tailored to accentuate what little waist I have. All of that goes down the drain with what is on offer this season.

Rag and Bone
Rag and Bone

What’s that? Culottes are en vogue? Great, now I look like I’ve got an awkward length pant on thanks to my short legs and because of how loose they are, I look even shorter than I am. Awesome! I can’t say that I want this trend to hang around for long.

Ok, ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating, maybe it’s not that bad and maybe, just maybe I’ll find a few pieces that are flattering on me, like these amazing tuxes from Dion Lee.

Dion Lee 4 Dion Lee 3

Who knows, man styling and I could become great friends in the future and I could look back at this post and laugh – ha ha ha, how naïve I was (I’m saying this with the most pomp voice possible), but at this point in time it’s not looking very likely. So I’m asking, no I’m begging the gods of fashion, aka designer, to please put a bit of shape in their winter 2015 ranges. Pretty please?


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