Food – Addict Food and Coffee and N2 Extreme Gelato

Addict Food and Coffee
240-242 Johnson Street
Fitzroy Vic 3065


Located on Johnson street, in between Smith and Brunswick streets you’ll find the ever reliable and popular Addict Food and Coffee. Set out like so many others on the Melbourne brunch scene – a bit industrial, a bit retro and not too much colour, what differentiates Addict is it’s great menu and its layed back and friendly vibe.

We visited for a late Sunday brunch with the stroller in tow, to find a stack of people seated outside enjoying the great weather, and just as many inside getting into brunch. As we arrived a group of people were vacating the large communal table, so we were able to get a spot at the end and tuck the stroller under the table and out of everyones way.

Upon first look of the menu we were really spoilt for options, but after some serious consideration (ok, more like serious indecisiveness), we settled on the potato hash and mushroom duxelles (served with a roasted field mushroom, poached egg and caramelised onion) and the southern pulled pork burger (with slaw and chipotle mayo and served with garlic and sage chips).

Our food quite literally came out in 10 minutes flat. It felt like we ordered, the waiter walked away and then came right back with our food (not that I’m complaining, I was pretty damn hungry when we got there). My sister got straight into the pulled pork burger and was pretty impressed. She said the pork was tender and tasty, but she wasn’t too keen on the chipotle mayo (like me she can’t handle anything spicy, so I’m sure everyone else that isn’t a pussy like us would love it). Unfortunately for the burger, it was overshadowed by what was supposed to be it’s side – those delicious chips. OH EM GEE, these chips were awesome! Insanely tasty and crispy, we couldn’t get enough of them. The only down side is that there weren’t more on the plate.


I had the potato hash and mushrooms which were presented so beautifully, I almost didn’t want to cut into them, but in the end my stomach won and I tore down the pretty stack. My first observation was just how well the hash was cooked – it had a crispy shell on the outside, but was still soft inside, (although I could have done with a little bit more salt) and was the perfect accompaniment for those mushrooms. The duxelle on the other hand, was really light and flavoursome which really balanced out the crispy hash and runny egg. All in all, not a bad dish to end the weekend.

So if you’re in Fitzroy sifting through the endless number of choices for brunch, give Addict a crack, you’re sure to be impressed.

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N2 Extreme Gelato
329 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy Vic 3065

With the nitrogen gelato movement taking over Melbourne, N2 seems to be leading the pack in the way of inventive flavours, quirky names and on trend themes. All you have to do is walk past the Fitzroy store any day of the week and catch sight of all the people queued up inside waiting for the their gelato creations, to know they’re onto a  winner.

I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit sceptical of this type of gelato. I’m a traditional kinda gelato girl. I like walking into a shop, looking at all of the flavours on offer and picking 2-3 flavours to enjoy in a cup, but N2 isn’t that kind of place. They have a list of 7-8 flavours which are updated regularly and can’t be mixed and matched. The flavour menu is more like a dessert list, where the gelato is your base which then topped with chocolate, or lollies and in some cases accompanied with a chocolate/caramel syringe.

I’ve visited on a number of occasions and have been luck enough to try the Ferrero Reveal (nutella gelato with crushed hazelnuts ad rise bubbles, dipped in chocolate and served with a warm chocolate ganache syringe), Kinky Kinder (hazelnut gelato, with rice bubble bits, a choc top, chocolate sauce drizzle and a chocolate ganache syringe) and Fudge Packer (milk gelato with chocolate fudge, peanuts and choc chips swirled through), which on paper all sound amazing and for the most part they live up to it in reality.

My favourite was by far the Ferrero Reveal. Its success lies in that nutella gelato, because lets be honest, you really can’t go wrong with nutella. Add some chocolate and crispy bits on top and voila, you have a winner. My only criticism is that the syringe is a bit of a gimmick. If you don’t squeeze out the chocolate as soon as they hand you the gelato, it cools really quickly and becomes almost impossible to squeeze out of the tube. When you do eventually manage to get the chocolate out, it comes out in cooled strips as opposed to being a sauce, making it somewhat redundant.

The other flavours were good, but hand nothing on the Ferrero Reveal. So all in all N2 is quirky, gimmicky and theatrical, but definitely worth a try.


N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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