Food – St Rose

St Rose
19 Rose Street
Essendon 3040 Vic


Earlier this week I was having one of those days, you know the ones I’m talking about, when you have a grumpy and clingy teething baby that screams the house down if you dare put him down for two minutes . In the mean time your washing and housework is pilling up, and the very sight of it is driving you insane. I desperately needed something, someone to save me. So I put bubs is the car, drove to Essendon, and it was there that I found my savour, it was St Rose.

This amazing café, situated on busy Rose Street opposite Essendon Station, provided the perfect environment for this tired mum to get some relief from what had been a crazy and frustrating day.  I arrived at 1.30pm on a Tuesday and the place was packed full of people enjoying lunch. Not wanting to annoy them with the cranky child, I managed to score a table in the back corner, so that in the event that he cracked it, he wouldn’t bother too many people. Fortunately he was on his best behaviour and I got to enjoy a great meal.

Upon first look of the menu I was really blown away by the number of great options, so much so that it took me a good ten minutes of deliberating to decide on what to order. In the end I decided on the corn fritters served with wilted kale, avocado, cured salmon and a poached egg, and a cappuccino thick shake to wash it all down.

The thick shake came out first and it was awesome! I didn’t realise how desperately I was in need of a coffee hit, but this was coffee my way, sweet and delicious. It was so good, I just about finished it in 5 minutes flat and really considered ordering a second one.


About ten minutes later the fritters were delivered to my table. The dish as a whole looked really impressive, almost too good to dig in to, but after my customary photos were taken, I got right into it. The fritters were quite different to the type of fritters that are commonly seen on the menus of all of Melbourne’s great cafes. They were lightly fried as opposed to deep fried,  so they didn’t have the crispy shell that I have come to expect from fritters, but you know what? They were great, if anything, I think I actually preferred them like this. They weren’t too oily or too rich and really given all of the other elements to this dish, had they been deep fried it really wouldn’t have worked.

Stacked on top of those light fritters was the kale, followed by what seemed to be  half an avocado, then a few pieces of perfectly cured salmon and to top it all off, a poached egg. It sounds like a bit much, but put it all together and it works. The dish was full off different flavours, but still remained perfectly balanced.

I consumed every last crumb on that plate and loved every single one of them, it was the highlight of what had been a pretty shitty day. So thankyou St Rose for saving my day, no doubt we’ll get to know each other really well as this kids teeth bring some serious craziness to my life.

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