Food – Lux Foundry

Lux Foundry
21 Hope Street
Brunswick Vic 3056


That’s right, I’m officially in love! Last week I visited Lux Foundry for the first time and it was the begining of an amazing love affair (really, I’ve been there twice in the last week and I NEVER go to the same place that often).

So let’s go through a quick checklist:

Good coffee? Tick (brewing Proud Mary’s)
Great food? Double, no triple tick. They cover the classics, the more modern options and the kiddies
Great service? Tick
Heaps of seating? Double tick for both in and outdoors
Free wifi? Tick
Parking? Tick
Kid friendly? Double tick, they’ve got everything covered from their food to entertainment (no need to BYO crayons and colouring books, it’s all here).

Do I need to go on?

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Lunch With The Psycho Child

For the last year I’ve dragged my young son all over town to lunch and brunch at some of the best cafes Melbourne has to offer. For the most part he’s been a great partner in crime. He goes where I want to go and eats what I want to eat, it’s my idea of the perfect partnership, but today was his chance to get even, today he was ‘that’ kid.

You know the kid I’m talking about, the one that cries, screams, carries on in the perfect way to drive everyone within a 500m radius insane. Yep, this week it was my kid. I looked at him in his psycho child state and desperately wanted him to stop. I did everything – toys, food and any other means of distraction, but the kid wouldn’t stop. I literally just wanted the ground to open and swallow me up.

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Food – The European

The European
161 Spring Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


A day out with the ladies to the theatre isn’t complete without a great meal and a great meal was definitely had at the European.

We were lucky enough to score tickets to a Saturday matinee session of Dirty Dancing at the beautiful Princess Theatre and decided to head in a bit earlier to enjoy a pre show lunch. For anyone who has attended shows at the Princess, you’ll know that it can be really chaotic around the theatre in the hour leading up to the show, making it almost impossible to get a table at any of the restaurants around it. To our luck, at first try we scored a table at the warm and welcoming European. I don’t know if it’s the Art Deco inspired styling or the timber detailing. but you really can’t help but feel at home here.

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Fashion – Get Out Your Coats

To my absolute dismay, it looks as though the cold weather has well and truly set in (what can you hear? Ye p, that’d be all of Melbourne letting out one big collective sigh). Given I live in this great southern state, it really shouldn’t surprise me that I’m already living in boots and  knits, and although I’ve resisted temptation, it’s time to pull out my winter coat and scarves.

A good coat is such a necessity in Melbourne (especially if you have to brave freezing mornings, standing of a train platform or walking through the CBD to get to work. I definitely don’t miss those days!), so I tend to buy a new one each year, and yes this shopaholic, limits herself to one great piece each year that I just about wear to death. Finding a great looking and fitting coat isn’t an easy task, I can try on what feels like a hundred coats before I decide on one. So if you’re like me and struggle to find that perfect coat, I’ve made it a whole lot easier for you, here are some of the amazing pieces up for grabs this year.

Asos 5

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Food – Mork Chocolate

Mork Chocolate
150 Errol Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


In a town where coffee rules, there is now a haven for connoisseurs of a great hot chocolate at Mork. The name may be familiar as some of Melbourne’s best cafes stock their delicious hot chocolates, but this fresh and open North Melbourne space is their first shop front. As soon as you step in, you are transported into a world where liquid chocolate is king.

Mork offers a chocolate experience like no other. They have managed to create what I can only classify as desserts out of good old drinking chocolate. Each drink is made up of a number of different elements which once combined create the illusion of eating something else -like a liquid chocolate bar or a good old campfire hot chocolate.

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Travelling With a Baby Version 2.0


Late last year I did a post on my tips for travelling with a baby (read about it here) after we had a pretty successful trip up to Port Douglas with our 7 month old son. With that experience under our belts we decided for Easter to take a chance and travel overseas with the little guy, but don’t get too excited, we didn’t cross the globe (I’m not ready to endure a long haul flight with a baby, but hats off to anyone who is) instead we opted for the relatively short five hour flight over to Fiji. For the most part, we had a great trip, but there were a few things that I’d definitely do differently next time, so here is version 2.0 of travelling with a baby. Continue reading

The Little Man Turns One

With this week comes a wave of emotion as my little man turns one. It’s such a big milestone in his life and I really can’t believe how much he has grown and changed in the last year. As enjoyable as it is to watch him grow, it also make me a little sad. I’m not ready to lose my baby yet. I know , I know, he’s still very much a baby, but I feel like he’s growing so quickly and with every new thing he learns to do, the quicker he’ll be running away from me.

Think I’m being a drama queen? Well maybe I am being a little dramatic, but I just don’t want him to grow up so quickly. Can’t we slow down the whole process? Can’t he be a baby for a bit longer?

The last year with him has been one of the best in my life. Never did I fully appreciate how much purpose he would provide me. Everyone told me that it would happen, but you never really know what it’s like until you experience it for yourself. To think that this little person has enriched our lives to an extent that we can’t remember a time without him, nor would we want to go back to that time really amazes me. Along the way there have been some really hard days, where I questioned why on earth anyone would want to put themselves through this, but realistically they don’t compare to the majority of joyous and rewarding days.

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