Food – Mork Chocolate

Mork Chocolate
150 Errol Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


In a town where coffee rules, there is now a haven for connoisseurs of a great hot chocolate at Mork. The name may be familiar as some of Melbourne’s best cafes stock their delicious hot chocolates, but this fresh and open North Melbourne space is their first shop front. As soon as you step in, you are transported into a world where liquid chocolate is king.

Mork offers a chocolate experience like no other. They have managed to create what I can only classify as desserts out of good old drinking chocolate. Each drink is made up of a number of different elements which once combined create the illusion of eating something else -like a liquid chocolate bar or a good old campfire hot chocolate.

The menu is impressive but a tad involved, so you really need someone to run you through it on your first visit, which fortunately for us the friendly staff were all to happy to do. By the end of their run down I wanted to try just about everything on the menu, so between my sister and I we decided to try the Layered Chocolate (chilled dark chocolate with warm custard) and the Chocolate Bar (hot chocolate, hazelnut and caramel).

The layered chocolate looked great. It was served in a tumbler which was filled with this chilled incredibly rich dark chocolate and then topped off with a layer of custard. To really appreciate the full flavour, we were advised to drink it together and not try and separate the two layers. Each mouthful was a mix of the intense chocolate, custard and I could even taste a hint of orange – deelish!


The chocolate bar was served on a tasting plate, where you are encouraged to mix the elements together to create the sensation of eating a chocolate bar. I mixed the caramel into the hot chocolate until it had melted, then as I took a sip of the chocolate and caramel mixture, I’d take a bite of the dark chocolate and hazelnut bark. Mixed all together in my mouth and it literally tasted like I was eating a chocolate bar – Amazing! I had to really control myself not to consume it all in one hit.


I can’t wait to visit Mork again to try the other creations on their menu and I suggest you do the same.

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