Food – Lux Foundry

Lux Foundry
21 Hope Street
Brunswick Vic 3056


That’s right, I’m officially in love! Last week I visited Lux Foundry for the first time and it was the begining of an amazing love affair (really, I’ve been there twice in the last week and I NEVER go to the same place that often).

So let’s go through a quick checklist:

Good coffee? Tick (brewing Proud Mary’s)
Great food? Double, no triple tick. They cover the classics, the more modern options and the kiddies
Great service? Tick
Heaps of seating? Double tick for both in and outdoors
Free wifi? Tick
Parking? Tick
Kid friendly? Double tick, they’ve got everything covered from their food to entertainment (no need to BYO crayons and colouring books, it’s all here).

Do I need to go on?

Well yeah, I do. So Lux Foundry is located in what was an old warehouse, but not one of those boring ones, this place has heaps of character and old world charm to it, in good old Brunswick. As you approach this place, not only are you taken aback by the character of the warehouse, you really can’t help but appreciate the HUGE outdoor area. This kind of real estate is rarely seen at great inner city eateries and on any day of the week you’ll find a stack of people out there plugging away on their laptops enjoying, the sun, great coffee and free wifi.

Once you take all of that in, take a seat and get greeted by their lovely staff, it’s time to check out the menu and I can just about guarantee you’ll fall in love like I did. On my numerous trips I’ve tried the granola (maple toasted granola with country yoghurt), French toast (coconut crusted French toast with espresso mascarpone, berry compote and Canadian maple) and Middle Eastern eggs (middle eastern poached eggs with grilled za’atar flat bread, beetroot relish, felafel and baba ganoush), all of which were delicious.


The granola is definitely among the best I’ve had. The best way to describe it is full of flavour and perfectly balanced. It’s a bit nutty and very sweet, but then the sweetness is offset by the bitterness of the country yoghurt – yummo!!

On our last trip, my sister – The French toast specialist – just about devoured the French toast and went so far as saying it was definitely up there with the best. Her favourite parts of it were the coconut crust and that divine Canadian maple. She felt the mascarpone was a little bit overpowering and took away from the toast itself, I on the other hand loved the mascarpone and felt it complemented the coconut – either way you can’t go wrong.


Last but definitely not least is the middle eastern eggs. I was immediately drawn to this dish because it’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it on a brunch menu or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t paying enough attention in the past, either way it looked good. Every element of this dish was great. It came as a surprise to me just how great runny eggs, beetroot and baba ganoush would taste together. Add some flatbread, a couple of felafels and I’m one happy woman.

So  guess you could say I liked this place. Like, really really liked it.

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