Food – Lolo & Wren

Lolo & Wren
484 Albion Street
Brunswick West Vic 3055


Brunswick is definitely the place to be if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat in the exploding Melbourne lunch/brunch space. There are new cafe’s popping up everywhere and they’re each just as good, if not better than some of the popular spots around town.

Last week I was driving down Albion street from Essendon through to Brunswick and noticed this café under an apartment block that was packed full of people at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Any café that can draw a crowd that late in the afternoon is definitely worth a look, so later in the week my sister and I (plus the little man) popped in for our usual late lunch.

Upon arrival we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff and seated by the window so the little guy could watch the people walking by outside. Once settled in, we had a look at the menu, and damn was it a good one. There are stacks of great options with everything from your classic eggs on toast to their trademark banoffee porridge (If only I liked Banana. It looks amazing, but there is no way I can stomach it). For the lovers of all things sweet, they’ve got both pancakes and French toast covered – winning!

After much deliberation, we ordered the sweetcorn and zucchini fritters (served with peperonata, Meredith soft goat feta,  pebre salsa, chili jam and avocado) and the Hannebery (potato and rosemary rosti, wilted spinach, mushrooms, Meredith soft goat feta, two eggs your way, salsa and toast). I didn’t feel like hitting the sweet stuff on this trip, but I’ll definitely be back to give them a go.

Our food came out really quickly and both dishes were fabulous. The fritters were much smaller than what I have come to expect, instead of having two or three large fritters, the dish consisted of about ten little fritters. Once we got into them, we discovered they were these round bite sized pieces of fried goodness that we couldn’t get enough of. Not too heavy, not to light, they were just right. Definitely a dish you can’t go wrong with if you’re stuck on what to order.


The Hannebery was packed full of different elements but everything worked really well together. I’m a sucker for a potato rosti and this was definitely a good one (although maybe just a little less rosemary next time), add to it a bit of salsa, spinach, avocado and you’re on to a winner.

So it may be away from the main drag in Brunswick, but it’s well worth the trip onto suburbia for this one.

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