Food – The Tea Salon

The Tea Salon
Emporium Melbourne
Level 2 295 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


There is nothing like getting all dressed up and heading out for a traditional high tea in the city, so every year for mothers day my family and I do exactly that. This year our destination of choice was The Tea Salon situated within the impressive Myer Emporium complex.

Right at the base of one of the many escalators within the Emporium, The Tea Salon is a stark contrast to the very modern surrounding shops. It’s a pretty, bright and colourful little eatery with a very English feel to it. Each table is beautifully set with lots of ornate crockery and floral just about everything, which really helps to set the theme of a traditional high tea.IMG_2419

They offer a couple of different high tea options of which we decided to go with the classic high tea. This offers a selection of four different ribbon sandwiches (standard high tea fillings like salmon, cucumber, chicken and roast beef), assorted sweets, a scone each (you get to pick one from the list of ten different flavour) and your pick of tea from their extensive list. For those that aren’t as interested in high tea, they do offer a few other lunch options or if you’re just after something small, you can just get a scone with jam.

When our tiered stands arrived at our table, the lovely waiter distributed the scones amongst us and we got straight into them. I ordered the milk chocolate chip scone with chocolate sauce and cream. For the most part it was pretty tasty, but I wouldn’t say they were the best scones I’d ever had. They were a little bit on the dry side, although it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some chocolate sauce and cream.


The sandwiches were of about the same standard, they were good, but not as good as those you would get at somewhere like the Winsor Hotel. I quite liked the salmon and roast beef sandwiches but wasn’t a big fan of the others. Having said that,  I did find them to be quite filling. After a scone and a few of the sandwiches I was feeling pretty full and really struggled to get into the sweets. But as always, I powered on (this woman never says no to sweets) and had the mini rose panacotta with Persian fairy floss. Big thumbs up to this little number, it was delicious, the only down side was that there wasn’t more of it.

Before visiting I read a few of the reviews of The Tea Salon on Urbanspoon and I have to admit I was a bit unsure of what to expect. For the most part the reviews were very unfavourable, complaining that service levels and the quality of food was very poor. I didn’t find this to be the case. The service was quite good. The staff were friendly, attentive and our high tea was delivered to our table within 10 minute of placing our order. The food on the other hand was ok, nothing to rave about, but it was ok. You really have to put it in perspective, this isn’t a prestigious hotel renowned for its high tea, this is a little salon in a very busy shopping complex that churns through customers, so its very likely that it won’t be of the same standard. That being said, it is a beautiful venue and a lovely spot for a ladies day out.
The Tea Salon on Urbanspoon

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