Food – New Shanghai

New Shanghai
Shop 323, Level 3
287 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


One of the many eateries which calls the Myer Emporium home, instead of looking for X to mark the spot, just look for the big crowd of people outside queuing for a table and you’ll know you’ve found New Shanghai. I’d heard great things about this place and seen the dumpling masters work their magic in the front window, but never could I have imagined it being as good as it was.

We (the husband, my son and I) visited for a Sunday lunch and the place was absolutely buzzing. There were a stack of people patiently waiting out front for their number to be called up, when they’d get their chance to enter dumpling heaven. Fortunately for us, we had a booking, so we were able to walk in and be seated right away.

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Once at our table (where they had already set up a high chair, plus a plastic bowl and spoon for the little guy) we were warmly greeted by our waiter and got our first glimpse of their very extensive menu. I have to admit, I was immediately overwhelmed. There were a few stand outs, but for the most part we were stuck, so when our waiter came back we got him to make a few suggestions, all of which we ordered. In the end, our order included the steamed pork dumplings, pan fried pork dumplings, pork belly steamed buns, salt and pepper calamari and last, but not least, the stir fried rice cakes with pork and vegetables.

Within about 5 minutes our dishes started coming out and it became very apparent that we had over ordered, but we were definitely up for the challenge.

First up was the rice cakes which were soft, silky and very sticky. I’d never had anything like it, but they were delicious and a big hit with the little man.

Next was the salt and pepper calamari which were perfectly seasoned, had a  beautiful crispy exterior but the meat itself remained very tender. The husband just about demolished the entire serving.

Then came the pot stickers/fried pork dumplings. These were deelish. They had a super crispy base, but the remainder of the casing was really tender and the filling was perfect. They’re definitely up there with the best I’ve had.


These were followed by the steamed pork dumplings which were delicate little parcels of goodness. But be warned, they’re pretty juicy, if you don’t poke a little hole in them first, a soon as you bite into them, there’ll  be liquid flying everywhere.

Last up was the steamed pork belly buns. The bun itself was very delicate and the pork was well cooked, however I found the hoisin sauce to be a little bit rich.

There was a stack of food, but it was so good that we ate absolutely everything. Really, there wasn’t a crumb left behind, we just about rolled out of there. All in all, this was a great family lunch and we can’t wait to get back for more.

I as invited as a guest of New Shanghai, however all of the opinions above are definitely my own.
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