Food – Industry Beans

Industry Beans
Corner Fitzroy and Rose Streets
Fitzroy Vic 3065


One of the coolest kids on the block has to be Industry Beans. Located in a very industrial space (think warehouse style with lots of recycled furnishings) on an inconspicuous Fitzroy back street, it’s packed full of dinners and coffee lovers every day of the week.

Recognised as one the best specialty coffee roasters in Melbourne, this place is naturally a popular spot for those looking to get a quality caffeine hit, but Industry Beans is much more than just a roaster, It’s also an amazing eatery. Offering a seriously impressive menu and when I say seriously impressive, I mean that it’s one of the best that I’ve come across (I’ve brunched all over this city and this place gives the best of them a run for their money). They have heaps of great dishes, both savoury and sweet, the classics and a few inventive ones, plus a couple of share plate options, tick, tick, tick!

A small group of us arrived for a late Sunday lunch and were lucky enough to score a spot at the end of one of the communal tables (note to those with little kiddies – they don’t have any highchairs so make sure you bring along a booster seat). From our seats we had a great view of the very busy kitchen and talented baristas doing their thing. I ordered a standard latte (nothing to fancy shmancy for me, I’m not really a cold drip kinda chick, but if that’s what floats your boat this place has got you covered), got the little man settled in and tried to work out what I wanted to eat. With so many great options I really couldn’t decide on just one so in the end we decided to get a few different dishes to share.

First up was the cured salmon share plate (cured salmon, fennel avocado mousse, kaffir lime jelly, tea-marbled egg and crispy quinoa), which was deelish! The salmon was juicy, tender and bursting with flavour, all of this was perfectly complemented by the mousse, jelly and quinoa. I’m not normally a massive fan of fennel or kaffir lime, but it all worked well in this dish. Only down side was that it was presented so well, we almost didn’t want to get in to it.


Next up, was the coconut crusted brioche (coconut crusted brioche, pineapple, crushed peanuts, lime curd and coffee caviar), which was absolutely divine. The bitterness of the lime curd balanced out the sweetness of the pineapple, then the cruchyness of the peanuts balanced out the softness of the brioche. If there was scientific example of a perfect dish, I suspect this would be it. Oh, and that coffee caviar! Say what? Yep, I said coffee caviar – Ahhhhmayzing (I’m singing it out).


Then we got into the creole fried chicken burger (fried chicken, pickled tomato, corn aioli, brioche bun, plus a heirloom tomato salad) which was also impressive. The chicken was really tender and juicy, and as if it couldn’t get better, then there was the aioli – nom nom nom.


Although we were really full and as is always the case, my eyes are much bigger than my stomach, we ordered dessert. So out came the coffee garden (coffee custard pudding, coffee caviar, cold drip gel, macerated strawberries, pistachio sponge and tuille) which looked like a beautiful piece of art work. This is definitely one for the coffee lovers, it’s got coffee everything, but surprisingly it wasn’t at all overwhelming. It wasn’t the sweetest dessert I’ve ever had, but it was still really good.

Since our visit, I really can’t stop singing the praises of Industry Beans. This place is an absolute gem and I’ll definitely be back for more.

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4 thoughts on “Food – Industry Beans

  1. Hi Vita, when are you going to try little sister cafe, its at 52 Wingara avenue, Keilor east
    Would love your critique on our local cafe


      1. Yes you should Vita, for this part of the world nothing comes close, coffee & food you will not be disappointed
        Checkout their facebook page first


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