Food – Code Black Coffee

Code Black Coffee
15-17 Weston Street
Brunswick Vic 3056


Woohoo, the Queen had another birthday and we all get a day off work, hats off to her! Everyone celebrates her majesty’s day differently but I, like a true Melbournian decided to celebrate with brunch, so we made our way to Code Black Coffee in Brunswick to enjoy great coffee and food on the Queen (well it’d be nice if she paid for brunch, but I guess we’ll have to settle for a free day off work).

Located in a HUGE warehouse with plenty ( and I really mean plenty) of space is this brilliant rostery and cafe. When we arrived, we were greeted by a massive queue of people at the counter patiently waiting to be served (to be expected on a public holiday) and to my disappointment I immediately thought we’d be waiting a while for a table. But that wasn’t the case, the queue moved at lightening speed and within a few minutes we were making our way through the café to a table.

As we walked through, I couldn’t help but notice the number of small children around the place, which immediately made me feel at ease given I had my one year old son with us. Even though I have a child, I hate the idea of visiting ‘family friendly’ cafes (the second someone suggests ‘family friendly, I let out a big fat UGH!!), because to me that equates to stacks of crazy, noisy kids running around, terrible coffee and mediocre food. I know I’m throwing out a huge generalisation which may not be received too well by some, but lets just say Code Black definitely breaks that mould, this place is funky, very appealing to the hipster crowd, has great coffee, good food and the kiddies are very welcome (they’ve got the kids covered with a few menu options and highchairs). This is definitely my idea of family friendly because we don’t have to sacrifice quality just because we have kids with us.

The menu is really impressive, it’s full of really original and dare I say innovative breakfast/lunch options, so much so that I was temped to order three different dishes for myself. Common sense prevailed (well, actually the husband told me I would only order one item – boohoo) and I ordered the coffee glazed bacon and chive mascarpone grilled sandwich with a coffee infused fried egg, the husband ordered the chilli glazed bacon and chicken roll with apple and radish slaw, water cress and Japanese mayo, and we ordered the home made crumpets with butter and honey for the little guy.


The coffee and mascarpone sandwich wasn’t the prettiest or most photogenic dish, but damn was it tasty. That bacon was superb, I quite literally could have eaten plates full of the stuff. The coffee flavour was definitely there, but it was subtle enough not to overpower the entire dish.


The chilli bacon and chicken sandwich was a prettier dish and had some serious kick to it (says she that can’t handle anything spicy). It was really flavoursome, but it was a bit difficult to eat. The roll was full of juices, I’m guessing from the meats and slaw dressing, but it meant that the roll became really soggy, and juicy was dripping everywhere.


The crumpets were also good, but they weren’t quite what I expected. When I think of crumpets, I envision standard supermarket crumpets with lots of little holes in them. These crumpets looked more like English muffins, with a very doughy texture, but that’s not to say they weren’t good, if anything they were actually better than the standard crumpets because my son found them really easy to eat.

I quite liked Code Black Coffee and given the number of people that visited in the time we were there, so does half of Melbourne and for good reason.

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