Food – Spice Temple

Spice Temple
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank Vic 3006


One of the many notches on Neil Perry’s belt is the very popular Spice Temple, situated within the Crown Entertainment Complex. Renowned for it’s modern spin on Asian food and some seriously punchy dishes, Spice Temple offers a premium dinning experience matched only by some of the best restaurants in Melbourne (not that you’d expect any less from Perry).

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on a couple of occasions, all of which were so good, I keep coming back for more. I recently visited with a group of girlfriends, looking to enjoy a few midweek drinks and some great food which is exactly what we got.

The menu is jam packed with great options, so much so we never know what to order. So to avoid wasting too much time deliberating on what to order, we asked our waiter to select 5-6 dishes for us to share and let me tell you, it proved to be the best decision that we could have made.

Northern style pan fried pork bun
Tea smoked duck breast with pickled cabbage and Chinese mustard
Asian greens stir fried with garlic
Three shot chicken
Kung pao chicken
Red braised pork, shredded with chilli, ginger and black vinegar
Stir fried grass fed beef fillet with wok blistered peppers and black bean


Caramel chocolate and peanut parfait

Everything was great, but for me the highlights of the night were the tea smoked duck breast and the red braised pork. The duck was absolutely delicious. It was so tender that it just about melted in my mouth, and talk about flavour! I honestly could have devoured the entire serving all on my own.

The red braised pork was just as good, if not better. Not only was it another tender, melt in your mouth kind of dish, the chilli, ginger and black vinegar dressing gave it so much extra depth. It was rich, punchy and really addictive. I was so full, but I just couldn’t stop eating it.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a bit of a light weight when it comes to spicy foods, so I kept my distance from the Kung Pao Chicken and the three shot chicken (it was supposed to be mild, but my mouth was on fire after one mouth full), although my girlfriends really liked both dishes.

Dessert was also really impressive. I had the parfait which is pretty much my idea of a perfect dessert – chocolate, caramel and peanut all in one, need I say more? It was very rich and creamy, but was perfectly balanced. It was absolutely deelish!

All in all, it was a great night out, so if you’re looking for the next place to host a night out with friends head straight to Spice Temple.

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