Food – Hammer and Tong

Rear 412 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy Vic 3065


There are a stack of places across town that attract foodie and hipster types in their droves. Hammer and Tong is definitely one of these places. Whether it be their friendly and hip staff, the on trend fit out or inventive menu, just about everyone I know has visited and been impressed by what was on offer. I visited for the first time just over a year ago and have been intending to return for ages, so a couple of weeks ago I bundled my son into the car, picked up my sister and made our way to Fitzroy.


We arrived at 2.50pm (winning! 10 minutes before the kitchen closed) and the place was still buzzing. So much so, I actually didn’t think we’d get a table. After a bit of reshuffling by the lovely staff, we were seated at the back of the restaurant (in what reminds me of an old style sun room) at a share table with another family. Continue reading

Food – Darling Street Espresso

146 Athol Street
Moonee Ponds Vic 3039


Lately, it feels like everytime I speak to my friends and family they come armed with a list full of great eateries for me to check out. I love that they all try to give me a helping hand with the blog and often through their suggestions, I discover some great little places that may have otherwise remained unknown to me.

One of these many suggestions was Darling Street Espresso. Situated on a Moonee Ponds back street in what was an old milk bar, this charming little cafe is breathing life back into an old school corner shop. Although small in size, the retro industrial space offers visitors a really relaxed dinning experience which is perfectly suited to Melbourne’s buzzing brunch scene.
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Food – Frances Food and Coffee

245 Franklin Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


I have a serious love affair with the CBD, but I tend to avoid it like the plague during the working week. Why you ask? It’s simple, parking! I either have to fork out a weeks wage for a couple of hours parking in one of the many parking complexes, or I have to drive around for ages to find a spot on the street that I can only occupy for an hour and pay $10 for the honour. Why don’t you just catch train they all ask? Been there, done that, in no rush to do it again.

Anywho, on a recent trip into the city I decided to take a different approach. I drove in and parked at the iconic Queen Vic Market, where I scored ALL DAY parking for $10 – winning! Then the plan was to make the most of the free trams to get around, that was until I stumbled across Frances Food and Coffee. Continue reading

Children – Separation Anxiety, Me? Never!

Let me set the scene, I’m currently sitting on a flight to Singapore, four hours into the trip, eyes red and puffy after having to say good bye to my little man at the airport and then backing it up with two tear jerking inflight films. Talk about making great movie choices. I was already feeling incredibly emotional after leaving my sick son behind for a week, and then I picked the two biggest chick flicks to watch. Hi5 you idiot!

To put it in context, I’m not normally a very emotional person. I liken myself to the ice queen. I’m a harden the f**k up kinda person. If someone is having a cry for no good reason (boohoo, you broke your nail. Harden up!), I’m the first person to roll my eyes and walk away. I lack the ability to make someone having a sook feel better. No matter how hard I try, I tend to come across as being inconsiderate and insincere. Lets just say I’m not the person you want around when you’re having a cry for the sake of having a cry.

Based on this, it’s very rare that this girl busts out a real good cry and let me tell you, I feel like I’ve just made up for a years worth of crying in the past few hours. I have a splitting headache, which I’m assuming is a side effect of the crying. My makeup has run half way down my face (note to self, invest in some good waterproof mascara) and on two separate occasions the lovely cabin staff have come over with a concerned look on their faces to see if I was ok. No doubt, they walked behind the blinds and told the other staff that there is a crazy woman in business crying like a child, but despite how embarrassed I was, I couldn’t stop. Continue reading

Food – Krimper

20-24 Guildford Lane
Melbourne Vic 3000


This week as I walked down Guildford Lane, towards my lunch date at Krimper, I couldn’t help but get a bit nostalgic. Nothing says Melbourne, like walking down a cobble stone laneway to a café hidden behind an unassuming warehouse door. It reminds me of the very reason I love this city and would never want to call another home, but I digress, so lets talk food.

Krimper occupies a very ‘Melbourne’ kinda space. You know the one I mean, the large, industrial, converted warehouse space with lots of recycled furniture (including what looked like a church pew and a funky 70’s style couch) and some serious mood lighting. They’ve filled the place with lots of mismatched odd and ends, but they all work together to create a really relaxed atmosphere. Continue reading

Food – 5 Lire

116 Errol Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


Last week I was trawling through my instagram feed (as I do so much more than I care to admit) and up comes this picture of the most amazing hotcakes I’ve ever seen. They we’re big and fluffy, sitting on a bed of Nutella (it literally looked like the plate was lathered in half a tub of the stuff), topped with some sort of cream and finished off with fairy floss. Queue the drool people, they looked ahhhhmayzing. In that instant I knew I had to visit the place that had created such a devilish dish and taste it for myself.

To my surprise the masters behind this dish were from 5 Lire, a little café on Errol Street  (directly across the road from the Auction Rooms) which has been on my list of places to visit for months, but for what ever reason I haven’t had a chance to go. Well, upon the discovery of these hotcakes that changed quick smart and I made a bee line for North Melbourne. Continue reading

Food – Di Bella Roasting House

19-21 Leveson Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


As you approach Di Bella you can smell that sweet sweet coffee and once it hits you in the face and you’re sucked in. I’d say most people in Melbourne have heard of and enjoyed a Di Bella coffee at one point in time as it’s brewed at cafes all over town, but what you may not know is that their North Melbourne roasting house also serves as a great eatery.

The roastery is at the centre of the operation, so the smell literally floods the place and depending where you sit, you can catch a glimpse of the roasters in action. As usual, we parked ourselves in the back corner to minimise the number of people that may have been annoyed by a sometimes feral child (although on this occasion he was on his best behaviour, but the poor couple with a toddle sitting next to us definitely couldn’t say the same thing), where we were surrounded by all manner of coffee parafanlia (including some really pricey coffee machines).

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Food – Saluministi

8 Atkin Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


The newest eatery to join the buzzing North Melbourne food scene is the Italian inspired Saluministi. Situated on an inconspicuous laneway just off Queensberry Street (right behind the Curzon Street car park, or look for the bike on Queensberry Street), in what could easily be someone’s garage, this little place is bringing traditional Italian Salumi to everyones attention. Continue reading