Food – Saluministi

8 Atkin Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


The newest eatery to join the buzzing North Melbourne food scene is the Italian inspired Saluministi. Situated on an inconspicuous laneway just off Queensberry Street (right behind the Curzon Street car park, or look for the bike on Queensberry Street), in what could easily be someone’s garage, this little place is bringing traditional Italian Salumi to everyones attention.


As soon as I walked in, I honestly felt like I was going to my grandparents  house on our annual salami making day. I don’t know if it was the garage setting, or the herbs growing in the little planter boxes or even the stack of homemade salami hanging in the fridge, everything about it felt very familiar. They have successfully managed to recreate that relaxed and homely feel so many people of Italian decent associate with their grandparents garage, the place where so much time is spent creating amazing food (the messy stuff you can’t do in the kitchen, like salami, pasta sauce and wine).


Offering a range of traditional Italian style panini’s, drinks, sweets and coffee (anyone for a caffettiera?) The menu isn’t huge, but the few items on it all looked really tasty. Personally, I can never (like NEVER!), go past a cotoletta, so I ordered the cotoletta panini (crumbed free rage pork loin, vinocotto mayo, Italian coleslaw, provolone cheese).


Talk about delicious! This isn’t the usual schnitzel you get from a sandwich bar that’s often tasteless and full of oil, this one is the traditional Italian version, lightly fried and seasoned to perfection. I’m not usually a big fan of coleslaw, but this version was fantastic and served as a great accompaniment to the cotoletta.

Aside from the panini itself, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t acknowledge the impressive presentation of the dish. Served on a timber board which was embossed with the Saluministi logo, these little touches are indicative of their attention to detail and the importance they place of delivering a quality product.


So if you’re after that traditional Italian experience, head over to Saluministi.

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