Food – Beatrix

688 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne Vic

Foodie Corner - Sweets Special

Located in an old style North Melbourne corner shop, Beatrix is the tiniest bakery,  but head down there on a Saturday morning to see the eager foodies queued out the door, and you know its size is deceiving.


Offering a variety of home style cakes and baked treats, just about everything at Beatrix has a really traditional feel to it. You can pick up everything from Anzac biscuits to rhubarb custard crumble tarts to a triple layer carrot cake to potato brioche doughnuts and the list goes on and on. In one sense, I almost feel like each item could have been made by a member of the Country Women’s Association, but then at the same time they put a modern spin on these classic cakes and make them just that bit more interesting. Continue reading

Fashion – Breton Stripe

There are some trends that come and just as quickly go, then there are others that seem to go from trend to classic status. The Breton stripe is definitely one of these long lasting trends. Our obsession with the simple white and navy stripe top seems to go from strength to strength, so much so that I could just about guarantee that most women would own (at least) one of them. Personally, I love this style as much now as I did five years ago and my collection of simple Breton stripe tops seems to grow with each passing season. I’m always drawn to them when I go shopping and I actually have to stop myself from buying more.

Given so many women share this love, I thought I’d put together a quick shop post of some of the great Breton stripe tops currently on offer.

Witchery 6

Continue reading

Food – Square and Compass

222 Clarendon Street
East Melbourne Vic 3002


Every now and then I visit an eatery that blows my socks off and leaves a real impression on me, so much so, that I talk about it over and over and over again. One of these places was definitely Barry in Northcote (read about it here), so when I got wind that the people behind it had opened a new place in East Melbourne called Square and Compass, I added it straight to the top of my ‘places to check out’ list (which is growing faster than I can actually visit them).

Located on Clarendon Street near Freemason’s hospital, Square and Compass is standing all on its own in a relatively quiet part of town (especially on the foodie front). From the outside, the little period style house, complete with charming bay window is a stark contrast to the open, white, minimal interior, but it totally works. It isn’t a huge space, but they have managed to get a stack of seating inside without it feeling too cramped and claustrophobic. Continue reading

Food – Gazi

2 Exhibition Street
Melbourne Vic 3001


Yes people, it finally happened, I made it to Gazi! Brought to us by George Calombaris, Melbourne’s unquestionable king of Greek cuisine,  this casual Greek eatery offers great food and the perfect environment for a catch up with friends.

I arrived with a couple of girlfriends on a Wednesday night to find the place packed to the rafters with noisy dinners. Fortunately,  we booked in advance and had a table waiting for us by the window. As we walked to our table, my eyes were immediately drawn up to the uniquely decorated ceiling with what can best be described as a wave of hundreds of upside down terracotta pots. It sounds odd, but looks incredibly effective and really sets Gazi apart from all the other restaurants in town. Continue reading