Food – The Noble Experiment

284 Smith Street
Collingwood Vic 3066

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Sous vide corn-fed duck breast, duck skin crumble, candied radicchio, balsamic & beetroot gel, parsnips, with cranberry jus

As history would have it, prohibition was actually an incredibly creative time for barmen. With limited resources, they came up with ingenious ways of manufacturing and distributing all manner of highly sought after liquor, making law breaking that little bit more exciting, the irony of which is quite laughable. This controversial time in history was referred to as the Noble Experiment, as the intent of the restrictions were a noble and very much experimental way of addressing societies issues. Fast forward to modern day Melbourne and a Collingwood bar of the same name is keeping this creative spirit of prohibition well and truly alive. Offering what can best be described as a mature, inventive and very progressive cocktail menu, the team at the Noble Experiment are definitely setting a whole new standard in the local bar scene. Continue reading

Food – Hochi Mama

11 Liverpool Street
Melbourne Vic 3001

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Hochi Mama is the first foray into food for owners Thai Ho, Raymond Phan and Midawell Phal, but based on the quality of food on offer, you’d easily be fooled into thinking they’d been doing it for years. Offering contemporary Asian cuisine in a really relaxed urban setting, this new comer definitely holds its own against some stiff competition.
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Food – Mi Corazon Tequila Bar

462 Lygon Street
Brunswick Vic 3056

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If you’re anything like me, the very mention of tequila bring back a wave of bad memories, of nights spent downing slammers, ending with me being violently ill and nursing a serious hang over for the next two days. I’m shuddering at the very thought of it!

So when I was invited to a tequila master class at Mi Corazon Tequila Bar, I hesitated before accepting,  really what more could there be to learn about tequila other than to stay away from it. Well apparently there is a lot to learn as I found out during our super informative master class. Now I’m not the biggest drinker and felt that I’d be out of my league, so to ensure that I got the most out of this session, I went along with my ultimate wingman, the husband, who is impartial to a drink or two.
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Food – Wide Open Road

274 Barkley Street
Brunswick Vic 3056

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How on earth did I only just find out about this place! Seriously, I think of my self as a bit of a know it all when it comes to brunch spots in Brunswick, but this one came at me out of left field and judging by how packed it is every weekend, I’m clearly the only one that’s out of the loop.

Breathing life into an old warehouse near busy Barkley square, Wide Open Road is a small batch coffee roaster and café, which in their own words offers “unpretentious yet interesting, satisfying & delicious food”. It’s a big statement but they absolutely live up to, offering an extensive and diverse menu full of great meal options, that’s guaranteed to suit everyone’s palate. This menu will have you struggling to decide on just one dish to eat and could have you ordering a few to share amongst friends (which is exactly what we did). Continue reading

Food – Demazzi Stone Grill

1142 Mount Alexander Road
Essendon Vic 3040

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As a local, I have driven past Demazzi more times than I can remember and each time told myself that we should visit, but for what ever reason years have passed and I only actually visited for the first time last week. In the early days, the big draw card to Demazzi was the stone grill cooked meat whereby a raw steak is placed on super hot pieces of bluestone and cooked on your plate. More recently, it has grown in popularity thanks to its array of great quality calorie loaded burgers and over the top freak shakes. Continue reading

Food – Maddox

295 Sydney Road
Brunswick Vic 3056


Located on Sydney Road, Maddox is an understated little café housed in one of the pretty old shopfronts that line this busy street. The leadlight front windows are in stark contrast to the exposed brick interior which is styled with recycled timber and industrial pendant lights. Walking past the timber counter, we took a seat in the charming backroom, which was a more refined space than the entrance, with a large restored timber staircase, open fire place and some really eye catching artwork furnishing the walls. Continue reading

Food – Northland Cultural Academy

Northland Shopping Centre
2-50 Murray Road
East Preston Vic 3072

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Recently, I was very lucky to attend the first cultural academy run by Northland Shopping Centre. A new initiative to connect leading chefs with locals in the northern suburbs, Northland will be running a number of these sessions over the next year with different chefs focusing on their area of speciality, be that Mexican, Spanish or Greek to name a few.

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Northland has long been an institution in the inner northern suburbs ( only last week I was at a wedding of a couple who had their first date at the centre) and given the changing demographic in the area, they have been quick to identify that demand for high quality food and produce is greater than ever. Continue reading