Food – Demazzi Stone Grill

1142 Mount Alexander Road
Essendon Vic 3040

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As a local, I have driven past Demazzi more times than I can remember and each time told myself that we should visit, but for what ever reason years have passed and I only actually visited for the first time last week. In the early days, the big draw card to Demazzi was the stone grill cooked meat whereby a raw steak is placed on super hot pieces of bluestone and cooked on your plate. More recently, it has grown in popularity thanks to its array of great quality calorie loaded burgers and over the top freak shakes.

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Located right on the busy Mount Road/Keilor Road round-a-bout, under an apartment building, Demazzi doesn’t look like much from outside, but walk inside and you’ll be greeted by a modern restaurant with a white tiled counter, industrial pendant lights and a decent sized outdoor dining area, which despite being situated on a busy intersection manages to be feel private and cosy.

Our visit got off to a rocky start as the service left a bit to be desired. The wait staff seemed to be running around in a rather manic nature, doing lots but achieving nothing. We sat at our table for 25 minutes before someone came to take our orders and we weren’t alone, the tables on either side of us had to endure the same wait. Fortunately, the food was flying out of the kitchen, so we received our amazing burgers within 10 minutes of ordering.

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Did I mention that the burgers were amazing? They were AH MAY ZING! Dead set some of the best I’ve ever tried. I ordered the Kentucky Chicken Burger, which looked imposing with its double buttermilk chicken patties, double bacon and double cheese, but I was up for the challenge. As soon as I  sank my teeth into that succulent chicken I was hooked, it was literally like a flavour explosion in my mouth.  It was juicy, packed full of flavour and all the calorie loaded goodness we’d expect from a towering burger like this. Despite how delicious it was, I simply couldn’t finish it, to consume a burger of that size is no small feat and this girl just couldn’t do it, no matter how hard I tried.

P1014857 (2)

The pulled pork burger was much more reasonably sized, but just as good. The pork was tender, juicy and seasoned perfectly. Paired with the tasty kale slaw and ketchup, they’re on to a winning combination.

P1014852 (2)

Then there was the Wagyu beef burger, which was another monster with two Wagyu patties, cheese, onion, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, ketchup and mustard. The patties were really tasty and cooked through without being dry, then topped with a stack of quality ingredients, making this an awesome burger. In my sisters words, it was the best burger she’s eaten bar none! Definitely a big call given this girl frequents some of the best burger establishments in the city and is one hard customer to please.

On the down side, we didn’t get to try any of their amazing freak shakes as their blender had broken down, so we’ll definitely have to return to give them a crack.

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So what’s the verdict? Burgers this good deserve the attention of people all over town not just locals, so regardless of where you live in Melbourne, make the trip out to Essendon, it’ll be one of the best food decisions you’ll make.

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