Food – Fancy Hank’s 

79 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3001


Fancy Hank’s is back! After a bit of a hiatus, the BBQ specialists have returned with a suave new venue and a killer menu to match. Staying true to their roots, the focus remains on great quality American BBQ with all the trimmings. Offering perfectly smoked brisket that melts in your mouth, juicy buttermilk soaked chicken and the most divine pulled pork, meat lovers all over town are sure to get excited about Hank’s return. No BBQ is complete without a few sides, so naturally they have a variety on offer from a classic mac and cheese, to dense cornbread that’s perfect for mopping up meat juices, or my favourite, the seriously tasty wedge salad with blue cheese dressing – whoever said you don’t make friends with salad hasn’t tried this baby. Continue reading

Food – Phat Milk

208 Mount Alexander Road
Travancore Vic 3032


If they had a cracking brunch scene in the Middle East, I suspect Flemington favourite, Phat Milk would be setting the standard. It has all the bones of a classic Melbourne brunch spot, but as you walk through subtle Middle Eastern features tell you this place is a bit different. There are a few pieces of Arabic inspired artwork throughout including a large picture of a woman with the most incredibly striking eyes, who appears to be watching over the room. Aside from this the fit out is modern and minimal just like any other café in town. Continue reading

Food – Pretty Mama

220 Spencer Street
Melbourne Vic 3001

Jumbo prawns with island dressing

Let me set the scene, walk in, take a seat at the bar and watch the barmen mix cocktails whilst your tastebuds are tantalised by the waft of smoking meat. Island tunes ring out in the background – UB40 and Bob Marley setting the mellow tune. Colourful timber window shutters line the ceiling, the friendly wait staff wear bright Hawaiian shirts and there are fruity cocktails aplenty. Sound like an idyllic holiday spot? Not quite, aptly named Pretty Mama, this Caribbean bar and grill can be found in an unlikely setting between four huge apartment buildings off Spencer Street. Continue reading

Children – Maintaining Supply Whilst Breast Feeding


Breast feeding is the most natural of things to do as a mother, but for some really cruel reason it can also be one of the hardest. In the early days, a new mum has to contend with latching issues, cracked nipples, and painfully engorged boobs the size of your newborns head, all whilst recovering from delivery.  Add to that constant demand feeding which can have a baby stuck to your sore boobs all day long, reducing you to little more than a cow! It’s easy to understand why some women struggle to cope and others just throw in the towel.

With time and experience things do settle down and before long mum and bub are singing to the same tune. However, as life returns to some sort of normality, breast feeding mothers are faced with new issues, namely maintaining good milk supply. Day to day life can get the better of us and before you know it, you’re running around like a crazy person trying to meet your child’s demands and get everything else done at the same time. I know I fall into the bad habit of not eating or drinking enough when I’m really busy and when breast feeding, I found my supply dropped on those days. But never fear, there is an awesome little treat on the market that helps to boost supply. I’m talking about lactation (sounds like  such a dirty word!) cookies. Continue reading

Food – Agathe Patisserie

Aisle B South Melbourne Market
Corner Cecil and Coventry Streets
South Melbourne Vic 3205


Walking down the isles of South Melbourne Market on our way to the food hall we were greeted by the sweet smell of baking pastry. The closer we got, the stronger the smell, until it was all consuming and we had to have a piece of what ever was cooking. It was at that point that we stumbled across the ever popular Agathe Patisserie. Continue reading