Children – Maintaining Supply Whilst Breast Feeding


Breast feeding is the most natural of things to do as a mother, but for some really cruel reason it can also be one of the hardest. In the early days, a new mum has to contend with latching issues, cracked nipples, and painfully engorged boobs the size of your newborns head, all whilst recovering from delivery.  Add to that constant demand feeding which can have a baby stuck to your sore boobs all day long, reducing you to little more than a cow! It’s easy to understand why some women struggle to cope and others just throw in the towel.

With time and experience things do settle down and before long mum and bub are singing to the same tune. However, as life returns to some sort of normality, breast feeding mothers are faced with new issues, namely maintaining good milk supply. Day to day life can get the better of us and before you know it, you’re running around like a crazy person trying to meet your child’s demands and get everything else done at the same time. I know I fall into the bad habit of not eating or drinking enough when I’m really busy and when breast feeding, I found my supply dropped on those days. But never fear, there is an awesome little treat on the market that helps to boost supply. I’m talking about lactation (sounds like  such a dirty word!) cookies.


There is nothing new about lactation cookies, long have women been making these little goodies in the hope of boosting supply. For me, I always thought they were a bit of an old wives tale, like really, cookies to boost my supply? Sounds too good to be true, but now…. They’re preaching to the converted thanks to Franjos Kitchen Tanker Toppers, which in their words ‘Make Your Mooies Milk’. These little vegan cookies are not only delicious, but they contain all of the ingredients recommended by nutritionists to boost supply. Available in a number of flavours, I gave these cookies a crack over a two week period where I was crazy busy and started back at the gym after having baby number two. I was definitely a skeptic at the beginning and figured if nothing else, they made for a great treat. But to my surprise my supply was strong and steady over the entire period. Winning! So now I make sure I’ve always got a tin of their chocolate chip tankers in my pantry for when I’m really busy.

As an added bonus the husband won’t go near them out of fear that he’ll start lactating, so its one treat you won’t have to share with anyone. The little tin of goodness is all yours to enjoy.

The range is currently available from the online baby store Bebe Designs here, hit up the lovely ladies for your cookies and lots of other goodies for mum and bubs. Big thanks to the ladies for my supply – pun intended!

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