Food – Lady Carolina

175 Lygon Street
Brunswick East Vic 3057

It really is the best feeling when you go somewhere with no expectations and walk away really impressed. That’s exactly what happened when my girlfriends and I payed Lady Carolina a visit. What made it even better is we really stumbled across this funky South American eatery by accident when looking for a decent Mexican restaurant in the North/Western suburbs (of which there aren’t many – budding restaurateurs take note!). Offering Latin influenced tapas and street food, you get to experience the best of South America in a really cool setting. Continue reading

Food – Greenfields

Cnr Lakeside Drive & Queens Road
Albert Park Lake Vic 3206

A cafe connected to a renowned golf club and overlooking an iconic lake would be the envy of many in the restaurant game. Lucky for us, we have such an eatery right on our doorstep. Enter Greenfields, a classy Hamptons style cafe set in beautiful Albert Park, promoting all things health and wellness. With uninterrupted views of the lake and golf course, the impeccably furnished space oozes style and refinement, but maintains a real sense of Zen. Continue reading

Food – Lankan Tucker

486 Albion Street
Brunswick West Vic 3055

When a friend suggested we visit Lankan Tucker, I assumed we’d be getting a traditional Sri Lankan feed (not that I’ve even had that before, I figure something like Indian – go ahead judge me!). Fast forward two weeks and we got a nice surprise when we arrived at this modern cafe on Albion Street. There’s really nothing traditional about this place, the fit out is modern and very much on trend, they’ve got quality coffee on the brew and the menu is a creative fusion of classic Sri Lankan cuisine and modern Melbourne brunch. It’s a unique concept in a saturated market place but they’ve pulled it off to create a foodie experience like no other. Continue reading

Food – Up In Smoke

28 Hopkin Street
Footscray Vic 3011

As soon as I hear anyone utter the words Up In Smoke, I’m taken back to my teens and immediately hear Dr Dre singing in my ear (if you’ve got no idea what the hell I’m on about, google Dr Dre Up In Smoke Tour) ‘hold up, heeeeey….’. Still to this day I know the words to just about every song, not bad for a tour that happened 17 years ago (now I’m showing my age!). So lets just say I was quite intrigued when I heard there was an American BBQ restaurant in Footscray going by the same name. Intrigue grew into excitement when I learned it’s brought to us by the legends behind 8Bit. Clearly mastering one type of American cuisine wasn’t enough, they had to have a crack at conquering BBQ too, and if packed tables every night of the week are anything to go by, conquer they have done. Continue reading