Food – Dosa Hut West Footscray

604 Barkley Street
West Footscray Vic 3012

My past experiences with Indian cuisine started and ended with Butter Chicken and Naan, however my repertoire was recently updated post a visit to Dosa Hut. Specialising in South India street food like Dosa and Biryani, there is nothing flashy about Dosa Hut. It’s a paper cups and cutlery in the middle of the table kinda place, but don’t be fooled into believing that the lack of fancy trimmings, somehow represents a mediocre foodie experience. Quite the contrary actually. If anything this was some of the best Indian food I’d had in ages, which is a big call given Melbourne is now saturated with restaurants claiming to offer the best Indian cuisine. Continue reading

Food – Le Clec

727 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn Vic 3122


Of late Hawthorn seems to be the breeding ground for great cafes. I don’t know what’s in the water, but they’ve definitely got the recipe to create a successful eatery. The latest opening on Glenferrie Road, Le Clec is no exception to the rule.

Split across three separate dining areas, each has a different feel. One is fresh and white with French inspired decals, the next is warm and cozy complete with timber feature wall and an impressive wine rack. Then lastly is my personal favourite, the light filled semi enclosed courtyard where modern and vintage styles meet. Continue reading

Food – Gelato Papa

14A Gilbert Road
Preston Vic 3072

I make no secret of the that I absolutely love Gelato. I’ll drive to the other side of town through peak time traffic for some of the frozen creamy goodness. Needless to say it makes me a super happy woman to be introduced to a new gelateria out in the burbs, that little bit closer to home.

Last week the kids and I were introduced to Gelato Papa, a great quality Gelati store tucked away in Preston. Having opened just under a year ago, it has become a favourite amongst locals and for good reason. With flavours like Wagon Wheel, Golden Gaytime and Chocolate Brownie what’s not to love? Continue reading

Food – The Press Club

72 Flinders Street
Melbourne Vic 3001

The Press Club is definitely the jewel in the crown of George Colombaris’ successful restaurant empire. It’s intimate, luxurious and refined, the kind of place you visit to celebrate a special occasion, impress that someone special or just splurge on a night out. It’s for this reason it’s long been on my dining wish list and this year we finally decided to tick it off that list, but the question is did it live up to our expectations?

The small space on Exhibition Street exudes class and sophistication. The ceiling is artistically lined with different shaped gold cylinders creating a sense of warmth and opulence.ย  No more than 12 leather lined booths fill the space restricting the number of diners to a small exclusive group. This in turn ensures that the A Grade service is attentive, detailed and friendly yet still giving diners the space to privately enjoy their meal. Continue reading

Food – Stovetop

108-128 Leicester Street
Carlton Vic

As I walked out of Melbourne Museum dragging along a screaming three year old that just couldn’t bare leaving the ‘little steam train’ (you know the kind of tantrum I’m talking about, where literally everyone stops and stares and all you want is for the ground to open up and swallow you. Or maybe just him?) All I could think about was oh god, this lunch better be worth it. Well let me tell you, hell yeah it was! Stovetop delivered the goods and turned my frown upside down. Continue reading

Food – Rogue District

179 Albion Street
Brunswick Vic

Driving down Albion Street a few weeks back I couldn’t help but notice a charming old bluestone cottage in the middle of the concrete jungle. Housed within this cottage is a cafe, the name of which seemed really familiar to me despite never having visited before. So naturally, when I got home I did a quick search and realised I’ve been following ‘Rogue District’ on insta for some time and regularly lusted over their delicious looking pancakes. Fast forward to a stifling hot Melbourne day where there was no way I was doing any cooking and we found ourselves brunching at this popular Brunswick spot. Continue reading