Food – 5 Lire

116 Errol Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


Last week I was trawling through my instagram feed (as I do so much more than I care to admit) and up comes this picture of the most amazing hotcakes I’ve ever seen. They we’re big and fluffy, sitting on a bed of Nutella (it literally looked like the plate was lathered in half a tub of the stuff), topped with some sort of cream and finished off with fairy floss. Queue the drool people, they looked ahhhhmayzing. In that instant I knew I had to visit the place that had created such a devilish dish and taste it for myself.

To my surprise the masters behind this dish were from 5 Lire, a little café on Errol Street  (directly across the road from the Auction Rooms) which has been on my list of places to visit for months, but for what ever reason I haven’t had a chance to go. Well, upon the discovery of these hotcakes that changed quick smart and I made a bee line for North Melbourne. Continue reading