Food – Beatrix

688 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne Vic

Foodie Corner - Sweets Special

Located in an old style North Melbourne corner shop, Beatrix is the tiniest bakery,  but head down there on a Saturday morning to see the eager foodies queued out the door, and you know its size is deceiving.


Offering a variety of home style cakes and baked treats, just about everything at Beatrix has a really traditional feel to it. You can pick up everything from Anzac biscuits to rhubarb custard crumble tarts to a triple layer carrot cake to potato brioche doughnuts and the list goes on and on. In one sense, I almost feel like each item could have been made by a member of the Country Women’s Association, but then at the same time they put a modern spin on these classic cakes and make them just that bit more interesting. Continue reading