Foodie Corner – Taste of Melbourne 2014

I love me a food festival, so naturally I get pretty excited when Taste of Melbourne rolls around. This is my round up of this years event.

We hit the festival on day one, firstly because I couldn’t wait to get in there and try some amazing food, and secondly to try and beat the crowds. This year bubs was with us, so I knew it would be harder to make our way around with a stroller. It’s always difficult when the crowd is really big, and lets be honest everyone else hates the lady with a stroller, so this way (hopefully) we didn’t annoy too many people.

We got in there on Thursday, right on opening time and the place was already buzzing. The first thing I noticed as I walked in the gates was the huge Taste sign and the Recorderlig Cider tent, and immediately I knew we were in for an great night (and let me tell you after a few of those pomegranate ciders I was having an AMAZING night).

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Foodie Corner – Sweets Special

If you have a look at my Instagram you may get the idea that I love a sweet treat, and well, love is an understatement, I’d say I have a bit of a sugar addiction. Every time I come across a great little bakery, cake or sweet shop, I have to stop in and buy something. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places to satisfy my sugar cravings.

Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio
647 Chapel Street
South Yarra Vic 3141

This is hands down my favourite sweet stop in Melbourne. Everything from those delicious cake cylinders to those amazing PBJ Wheels. The mix of flavours in every single creation is just perfect, in some cases flavours I would never think go together, when put in the hands of Burch and Purchese it just works. I have nothing but praise for everything they do. If you haven’t tried it yet, make you’re way down to Chapel Street and give it a crack. You won’t regret it.

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