Food – Elceed

610 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne Vic 3051


I love brunching, like really really love it, but I have to admit it’s a fairly new love affair. In times gone by, the idea of visiting a busy café where we’d have to contend with a crowd and weren’t guaranteed to get a table all before midday, was just a bit too much for me to stomach. However, the birth of my son last year spelt the end of my nightlife (Bye bye dinner dates, boohoo!) so I’ve grown to really appreciate all things lunch and brunch.

As much as I love brunching,  I still can’t stand the crowds and waits, so I tend to get out midweek when there are less people around. On this weeks outing, the weather was down right terrible, so I decided to head to Elceed, where I wouldn’t have to wait around and if I was really lucky, I’d get parking right outside. Continue reading