Food – Frances Food and Coffee

245 Franklin Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


I have a serious love affair with the CBD, but I tend to avoid it like the plague during the working week. Why you ask? It’s simple, parking! I either have to fork out a weeks wage for a couple of hours parking in one of the many parking complexes, or I have to drive around for ages to find a spot on the street that I can only occupy for an hour and pay $10 for the honour. Why don’t you just catch train they all ask? Been there, done that, in no rush to do it again.

Anywho, on a recent trip into the city I decided to take a different approach. I drove in and parked at the iconic Queen Vic Market, where I scored ALL DAY parking for $10 – winning! Then the plan was to make the most of the free trams to get around, that was until I stumbled across Frances Food and Coffee. Continue reading