Foodie Corner – Taste of Melbourne 2014

I love me a food festival, so naturally I get pretty excited when Taste of Melbourne rolls around. This is my round up of this years event.

We hit the festival on day one, firstly because I couldn’t wait to get in there and try some amazing food, and secondly to try and beat the crowds. This year bubs was with us, so I knew it would be harder to make our way around with a stroller. It’s always difficult when the crowd is really big, and lets be honest everyone else hates the lady with a stroller, so this way (hopefully) we didn’t annoy too many people.

We got in there on Thursday, right on opening time and the place was already buzzing. The first thing I noticed as I walked in the gates was the huge Taste sign and the Recorderlig Cider tent, and immediately I knew we were in for an great night (and let me tell you after a few of those pomegranate ciders I was having an AMAZING night).

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