Food – Industry Beans

Industry Beans
Corner Fitzroy and Rose Streets
Fitzroy Vic 3065


One of the coolest kids on the block has to be Industry Beans. Located in a very industrial space (think warehouse style with lots of recycled furnishings) on an inconspicuous Fitzroy back street, it’s packed full of dinners and coffee lovers every day of the week.

Recognised as one the best specialty coffee roasters in Melbourne, this place is naturally a popular spot for those looking to get a quality caffeine hit, but Industry Beans is much more than just a roaster, It’s also an amazing eatery. Offering a seriously impressive menu and when I say seriously impressive, I mean that it’s one of the best that I’ve come across (I’ve brunched all over this city and this place gives the best of them a run for their money). They have heaps of great dishes, both savoury and sweet, the classics and a few inventive ones, plus a couple of share plate options, tick, tick, tick!

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