Food – Mi Corazon Tequila Bar

462 Lygon Street
Brunswick Vic 3056

P1014864 (2)

If you’re anything like me, the very mention of tequila bring back a wave of bad memories, of nights spent downing slammers, ending with me being violently ill and nursing a serious hang over for the next two days. I’m shuddering at the very thought of it!

So when I was invited to a tequila master class at Mi Corazon Tequila Bar, I hesitated before accepting,  really what more could there be to learn about tequila other than to stay away from it. Well apparently there is a lot to learn as I found out during our super informative master class. Now I’m not the biggest drinker and felt that I’d be out of my league, so to ensure that I got the most out of this session, I went along with my ultimate wingman, the husband, who is impartial to a drink or two.
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