Food – Two Little Pigs

146 Sydney Road
Brunswick Vic 3056


In a time where our brunch scene is saturated with clean eating and super food meal options, sometimes it’s refreshing to come across full fat, flavour packed meat dishes. And yes it is nice to look after yourself and down a few activated almonds, goji berries or a chia pudding, but where is the fun in that? So if a delicious meaty feast is what you’re after, head towards the yellow ‘Charcuterie’ sign on Sydney Road and enter the doors of Two Little Pigs.

We may have walked in little pigs but we definitely walked out two big pigs. Not an Acai bowl in site, the menu is built around all manner of pork cuts with a few other types of meat thrown in for good measure. Scan the menu and you’ll see bacon, ham, jamon, pork belly, pulled pork and charcuterie to your heart’s content. Each have been paired with equally appetising ingredients making this one of those menus where you could easily eat everything on it. Continue reading